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AK Finn Almost Human Robot dimWhat does it mean to be a person? Does everyone else know something you don’t? Are you even real? What should you be doing or wanting in all this? Why?

Let’s consider together what it means to (really) be you.

Facing Addiction

picture1Instead of a quick-fix guide on escaping temptation, we’ll dig deep into the nature of all addictions and compulsions, exploring every unique force that either moves you forward or holds you back in life.

I believe coming to see the value of your experience can naturally empower you to face and overcome all hindrances and limitations.

What do you believe about addiction? Is it something to run from or something to face?

Moving Meditation

movement thumbnail.pngLetting your body move however it wants to for no set time can bring you completely into the current moment, and help you find freedom from external constraints as you’re aligned with yourself from the inside out.

Rediscover a recognizable sense of freedom from your childhood. Find motivation to prepare your body so it can move the way it’s always wanted to for the rest of your life.

Stripped and Sold for Parts

The FogA self-made Psychologist’s golden-ticket method uncovers far more than he ever imagined.

A lonely would-be prophet comes to see a much bigger picture once an unearthly fog begins to lift.

Stuck in gaps between dreams and reality, at least one unsure artist is forced to reexamine life’s priorities.

Stripped and Sold for Parts, a story of random, real events, and things unexplained.