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Do you ever have trouble trying to figure out exactly who you’re supposed to be?

Do you search for some quality or trait that’s meant to define the “real you” . . . a blueprint you can use to build and become your best self from?

Do you find yourself caught watching one compelling identity fade into the next in an endless cycle of confusion and immobility?

In How to Be You, I approach my own identity crisis story from several angles to share important lessons I had to learn over and over in different ways.

Discover a simple, comprehensive approach to self-discovery that builds from your fundamental existence as an awareness taking place to your unique [human] mind and the particular way you create and communicate concepts.

Learn to determine your personality “type” without needing any test.

Realize why systems like astrology, numerology, and tarot cards . . . methods that might make no natural sense . . . seem to somehow speak so clearly into your life and circumstances, gripping your perspective with hands that feel like fate or destiny, giving weight to your deepest hopes.

Lock into driving-force values at the base of your being so you can make them your building blocks for a better life.

Gain deep insight into what you want most, and know how to take your own best next steps forward.

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