random, real events, and things unexplained…

Stripped and Sold for Parts - Book Cover

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Ray Golel might see the world like no one else.

When forced to meet with a self-assured Psychologist, Ray’s recounted visions sound like a cross between allegorical prophecies and the vain rantings of a lost, deluded flake.

But when Ray describes the lifting of an unearthly, oppressive fog, the Psychologist’s golden-ticket method uncovers far more than either could predict.

As if captured in gaps between dreams and consciousness, Stripped and Sold for Parts is the story of various beings existing in many worlds amongst random real events and things unexplained—worlds where…

…at least three non-humans come to question their humanity.

…two or more drugged-out drifters wander aimless amongst societies dregs (at least at first).

…at least one unsure artist is forced to reexamine life’s priorities.

So, why the lack clarity on what Stripped and Sold for Parts is even about?

Well, if Ray or the Psychologist were to reduce their story to just a single word, both would surely tell you only: “Watch…”

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