move your own way…

You want to be healthy.

You want to move and use your body.

Don’t spend more money on gear or clothes.

Don’t buy or make more perfect plans to change.

Just stand up, now, and let your body move however it wants to.

What is your unique body like?

How does it want to stretch, bend, flex, turn, dip, reach, jump, balance…?

Be aware and allow, consciously and unconsciously, for no set time.

Have fun.



  1. You and your body
  2. The essence of martial arts
  3. A history of movement
  4. Going public as a motivation
  5. Exercise and health
  6. A mask
  7. Afterword & a note from the author


So . . . what is this?

Though I’d prefer not to give this activity a name (I’ll share why), I call it “moving meditation” just because that’s the best description I could come up with.

Basically, it’s letting your body move however it wants to.

Well, there’s a little more to it than that.

For me, moving meditation connects to an affection for martial arts that’s lasted and evolved ever since I was put in Karate in the early ’90s.

It also touches on my experience with related ideas, like chi, being present in the moment, exercise, inner peace…

This book is a collection of the jotted thoughts I’ve been rolling around as I’ve practiced moving meditation more and more over the past few years.

I found preparing to make the experience public was a huge force for motivation—something I believe anyone can tap into and use, which I’ll share more about in the section, Going public as a motivation.

My goal has not been to write a sequential book with long, flowing, fluffy chapters.

Instead, I just want to give you my collection of simplified ideas, hoping each can stand on its own to provide good food for thought.

Ultimately, this isn’t about me.

It’s about you, your body, and finding joy and focus in letting yourself move the completely unique way you’ve always most wanted to.