move your own way…

You want to be healthy.

You want to move and use your body.

Don’t spend more money on gear or clothes.

Don’t buy or make more perfect plans to change.

Just stand up, now, and let your body move however it wants to.

What is your unique body like?

How does it want to stretch, bend, flex, turn, dip, reach, jump, balance…?

Be aware and allow, consciously and unconsciously, for no set time.

Have fun.


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Finding yourself today means hoping to connect as you shuffle through others’ expressions and expertise. A vast array of voices compete to become cultures or identities for you to choose from and then try to adopt from the outside in.

I’d like to share a source of identity that works the other way—from the inside out. Be empowered as you stand up, just as you are, and allow your body to move however it wants to for no set time. Rediscover a recognizable sense of freedom from your childhood. Find motivation to prepare your body to do whatever you need it to for the rest of your life.

In this book, I explore how moving meditation connects to concepts like the essence of martial arts, freedom from external constraints, the power of your own transformation story, chi and energy transference, finding your unique identity in society, and more…

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