What can you accomplish in life so that no one messes with you?

Ok, the glib answer: nothing

You might accomplish enough wealth to protect yourself from all attacks and ridicule; but the only way to avoid being messed with then would be total isolation. And that would be messing with yourself more than anyone else ever could, because it’s impossible to live a worthwhile life completely disconnected. Continue reading

I don’t feel any love for myself. How can I fix this?

I think it’s important to realize you don’t hate yourself. If you did, you wouldn’t want to fix it. You’d be happy to see yourself hurt, failing, hopeless, rejected…

You might be really concerned about yourself.

Chances are you’re fixated on your [potential] flaws, and don’t generally see yourself as being any good. Specifics like your appearance, ways, voice, etc. might make you cringe whenever you notice them. Continue reading

If nobody understands you, are you insane?

Probably not.

You might sense an insurmountable gap between your inner world (with all its potential) and what others can currently understand or appreciate of it.

But the second half of knowing, thinking, and being (as a person) is learning to communicate; otherwise any treasures you find within yourself stay locked up and unknown. Continue reading

How can I accept my mistakes?

accepting-your-mistakesThere’s something in Psychology called the Ideal Self. It’s basically an image in your mind of the person you think you’re supposed to be.

Your Ideal Self speaks to you through the voice of your conscience. I say “voice” because its tone is never one of discussion or compromise. Your Ideal Self sits an infinite distance above, thundering down black-and-white judgments about all the ways you see yourself falling short of perfection. Continue reading