Q: Everything I do seems to fail. It makes me think the world would be the same if I didn’t exist. How do I get better even after trying extremely hard at everything?

A 22-year-old says, “Hey, I’ve fully tried every religion and philosophy there is. How come I can’t find Ultimate Reality or inner peace?”

Notice how on the Roadrunner cartoon the coyote only tries each costly contraption once.

Trying hard at everything could mean not giving the right things enough time and space to work. By time, I mean consistency—consistent learning, practice, delivery… And by space, I mean resourcefulness—keeping specifics open to modifications in terms of exactly how, where, with whom… Continue reading

I feel like everybody else is moving ahead in life except me. What should I do to feel better?


You’ve been sitting at a railway station, watching others come and go on trains. But you’re not really sure where you’re headed.

It doesn’t matter why everyone else seems sure. And you might never be. That’s ok.

The unbearable feeling of wasting life brings pressure just jump on any train. Continue reading

Does anger lead to bad choices? Can anger ever be helpful?

Anger can do two things—one harmful, one helpful—both of which bring you fully into the present moment.


Anger sets your focus on how you wish things were right now. It fuels itself on what you feel is unfair or wrong with your current situation.

But acting on that anger could conflict with what you want in the long run . . . especially if how things are right now isn’t ultimately that important.


Anger can also heighten your intuition and instincts. If you ever have to fight for anything in your career (or elsewhere), anger can be a great source of power to draw from.

So, should you be brought fully into the present moment?


When you don’t want your current life, but feel you don’t have the plans or means to change it

Realizing that you don’t want your current (old) life is enough. Set that change in your perspective free, and it charts a course you could never plan for (though the right plans construct themselves as you go) to a life you already have the means to step out into and experience now.

I recommend finding a way that works for you to naturally come to life somewhere online. Do so consistently over time, and you gradually connect with all the right people who want the same things you do.

Keep going, and the new life you want gets clearer and clearer until one day you find yourself already living and enjoying it.

How can I make myself a better, more positive, and confident person?

Overall, people really aren’t that complicated. We move toward what we tend to focus on.

That same basic premise gets articulated many ways. Listen to Earl Nightingale’s powerful speeches from the ‘50s, read The Secret, follow the Faith movement in Christianity, or examine anything under the Law-of-Attraction umbrella. Continue reading

What can you accomplish in life so that no one messes with you?

Ok, the glib answer: nothing

You might accomplish enough wealth to protect yourself from all attacks and ridicule; but the only way to avoid being messed with then would be total isolation. And that would be messing with yourself more than anyone else ever could, because it’s impossible to live a worthwhile life completely disconnected. Continue reading

I don’t feel any love for myself. How can I fix this?

I think it’s important to realize you don’t hate yourself. If you did, you wouldn’t want to fix it. You’d be happy to see yourself hurt, failing, hopeless, rejected…

You might be really concerned about yourself.

Chances are you’re fixated on your [potential] flaws, and don’t generally see yourself as being any good. Specifics like your appearance, ways, voice, etc. might make you cringe whenever you notice them. Continue reading

If nobody understands you, are you insane?

Probably not.

You might sense an insurmountable gap between your inner world (with all its potential) and what others can currently understand or appreciate of it.

But the second half of knowing, thinking, and being (as a person) is learning to communicate; otherwise any treasures you find within yourself stay locked up and unknown. Continue reading