What can you accomplish in life so that no one messes with you?

Ok, the glib answer: nothing

You might accomplish enough wealth to protect yourself from all attacks and ridicule; but the only way to avoid being messed with then would be total isolation. And that would be messing with yourself more than anyone else ever could, because it’s impossible to live a worthwhile life completely disconnected. Continue reading

What is the most evidence that God really exists?

Existence itself is evidence.

Or, maybe I could say: Existence existing is the evidence.

Regardless of what we can know about existence, we know for sure that something must exist.

Could this question not exist?

And something must account for whatever exists (whether or not we can know anything about it).

Either existence came from something, came from nothing, is really a dream, is really a computer simulation… These are all accountings.

Perhaps when we look at existence from our human perspective and scope, we account for it all with a thinking, creative Being.

Is that accounting necessary?

Let’s call whatever actually accounts for existence “God.” Must God be a person?

How can I stop being in a state of constant existential crisis?

Here’s my video response below:

Yes, everything we do and build will ultimately come to nothing. But our lives seem to mirror so many other forms of existence on every different scale or scope. Galaxies and particles reflect evolving lifeforms . . . and even our concepts and values. Seeing such connections makes me feel like the fact that this is all happening for whatever reason (and I get to be part of it) is utterly amazing. It motivates me to keep going. Continue reading

To what extent do you agree with this statement: “You can never know a person or their secrets”?

You can know a person enough.

You don’t have to trust anyone. In fact, trust isn’t really a choice—it must be earned to exist; and this happens by degrees.

You meet someone, you start to get to know them, you see where you connect, you share along those lines, trust grows, and your lines of connection naturally expand. Continue reading

I don’t feel any love for myself. How can I fix this?

I think it’s important to realize you don’t hate yourself. If you did, you wouldn’t want to fix it. You’d be happy to see yourself hurt, failing, hopeless, rejected…

You might be really concerned about yourself.

Chances are you’re fixated on your [potential] flaws, and don’t generally see yourself as being any good. Specifics like your appearance, ways, voice, etc. might make you cringe whenever you notice them. Continue reading