How did you stop your weed addiction?

I had to see 2 things at once.

First, weed has always been valuable to me for specific reasons.

It’s been too easy to enjoy its value at the expense of other values.

And seeing my other important values held back made me try to quit weed so many times . . . though I always failed.

What changed everything was simply sharing my story over time.

Sharing allowed me to see both why I love weed and also all those other good things too much weed infringed upon and hindered.

Through sharing my story, I faced my addiction, my perspective changed, and weed is no longer something I lose control to.

Can an addiction be reversed so that the substance can be used and enjoyed safely?

Okay, I’m honestly NOT here responding to questions to peddle my books (they’re free anyway); but your question is the EXACT premise of my book, Facing Addiction.

Yes, I think it’s possible to reverse addiction, but it depends on what you believe about yourself and your relationship to what you’ve been addicted to. Continue reading

Could it be that people take drugs not because of any psychological problem but simply because it is fun?

People take drugs for lots of reasons. I’ve used weed for creativity and to cut through conscious indulgences (in order to reach truer intuitions buried beneath); I’ve used MDMA to experience a love and joy so overwhelming it literally sets straight my limiting thought patterns; I’ve used LSD to expand my consciousness, empathy, connectedness, etc. Continue reading