Everything I do seems to fail. Even though I look on the bright side, it seems I’m no good at all. Makes me think the world would be the same if I didn’t exist. How do I get better even after trying extremely hard at everything?

A 22-year-old says, “Hey, I’ve fully tried every religion and philosophy there is. How come I can’t find Ultimate Reality or inner peace?”

Notice how on the Roadrunner cartoon the coyote only tries each costly contraption once. Continue reading

How do I measure my emotional intelligence (I’m in my 30’s)?

Emotional intelligence is really two things: one internal, and one relational.

First, emotional intelligence involves learning to really feel all of your emotions for exactly what they are; then the “intelligence” part comes from having the maturity/perspective to decide what you should do based on your emotions instead of just reacting to them. Continue reading