Sex Addiction


I spent most nights in 2014 desperately scrounging the web for conversations and information on addiction and self-improvement.

Back then, I felt like I was watching life slip through my fingers.

Yet in my frantic, haphazard quest, I was amazed to come across such a disproportionately large number of questions and discussions on sex addiction.

I’d be pacing through cartoon Yahoo! Answers avatars, scanning Q&A topics in searches for “addiction” that might read: sex . . . sex . . . marijuana . . . sex . . . meth . . . sex . . . masturbation . . . sex . . . porn . . . cocaine . . . sex… Continue reading

When You Can’t Keep Ignoring (Addiction and Maturity)


At 14, I got to visit Australia with my best friend and his family. For some reason, he and I decided it would be fun to use that trip to go on a stealing spree.

We began at the airport before we even left, swiping books and candy from little souvenir shops.

Every day of the trip, we’d walk to this nearby video store and fill our jackets with tapes and goodies. We must have looked so conspicuous. I mean, it was way too hot to be wearing those massive, heavy jackets. Besides, we were both over six feet tall, and the lifted contents puffed our jackets out so far we’d walk away nearly spherical. Continue reading