About the Author

A.K. Finn Facing Addiction

The scene below was originally set to serve as a sort of secret “Hidden Track,” appearing after a version of S&S4P that would include Bing’s entire comedy routine (with a big NSFW warning, of course).

But that all felt way too contrived.

So I thought maybe this could fit the “About the Author” spot instead.

Anyway, here goes [nothing]:

Some guy sits, watching a movie.

On the screen, he sees himself writing the very scene he’s watching.

He thinks about what to call it, and jots down, “the process – a title?”

But he realizes he really doesn’t want to see himself, or for anyone else to.

He would much rather step out of the way so everyone else could have their turn.

At least what he sees helps prove he’s not alone in that.

It’s enough.

And that’s all.

A Final Note

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Most of Stripped and Sold for Parts takes place over a very short time . . . like a blip or window when characters’ ideas and ideals must “stick” to be transformed into behaviors.

The next story, Consensus: a Coming of Age Story, takes place over decades and longer . . . when many of those same characters’ entire lives get lived out amongst a transforming world.

After that, everything [still] gets called into question, of course.