Someone Like Me (A Conclusion)

Aw, G’day!

Your old pal Archer Catrael back again.

I’m not really in a good mood today, but no probs.

We’ll get through this, eh?

Wait, would this be the last note then?

Sorry loves, I’m so confused (what friggin else is new!).

So yeah, let me try and fumble my way through without repeating everything I’ve said already on every other damn note!

The shotgun version: I’ve been cutting my teeth trying to reassemble this big strange document I found hidden way deep in my desk about a month ago.

My guess is the page this note will go with has to come right at the end.

I don’t think I have the first page yet.

So it’s still all a bit of a mystery.

But the pages just before this one had several “wrapping up” bits, all about various sorts of entities getting unstuck and moving forward.

And as far as I can tell, the second-to-last section in the document begins:

The end of the story.

You have all you need, _____, and you have our permission to stop.

When I first read that, I was alarmed to hear myself speaking back to the page out loud.

What kind of twit would carry on a conversation (alone) with paper?

But it felt as if the text really had triggered some automatic response.

Sorry, I can actually hear you getting bored with this drivel.

C’mon Archer, keep it together, man!

Almost done!

So, the document talks about many different types of things, right?

It’s mostly all real personal and deep.

Like, the part I got through yesterday goes into how audacious it would be for anyone to claim a life without certainty, and without ownership or authority.

And I don’t know about any of that.

But whenever I read now, there’s this feeling like a slowly spreading flame taking over, reminding me of something important I once knew and then forgot.

But like I said, there’s so much more . . . thoughts on philosophy, God, the devil, and . . . yeah.

Anyway, I believe this to be the very last line in the document:

So you can step out of the way for the Consensus to enact itself.

Of course I share only the parts in these notes I feel relate to the true point of all of this.

Maybe once I can finally put the whole thing back together (and find that precious missing first page), I’ll share what I believe the document to really be about.

Or maybe then I won’t need to.

I just had a funny thought to end today with.

I don’t know why, but I feel I’m supposed to say that my first line was a lie, and also this isn’t really my way of telling you.

How’s that, Archer, ending (perhaps [while still in the middle]) on such a loopy riddle…?!

Well, gonna go put on a fresh pot.

Will check back with you soon, my cuddlies.

Much love!


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