You’ve probably noticed: There are many ideas in this book I’ve literally changed my mind about mid-section, sometimes leaving important questions unresolved.

Something about me: I’ll never pretend to be sure.

Keep this in mind: If there’s a philosophy that undergirds everything about moving meditation (one that lends to every idea and section in this book), it’s that the answers are probably there and obvious—inside of you, and able to be seen by degrees only within your own expanding perspective . . . yet also ready to be worked and lived out in the moment in whatever ways work best for you.

Who knows if those answers will completely change tomorrow?

Move your own way. 

A note from the author

My name is Andrew Knuon Finn, and I write stories. My writing style has been described as optimistic realism. My hope is to inspire as many others as possible to use the resources we all have available now to find and reach their potential as individuals.

I’ll never charge for anything, my target audience is those who can’t already access what I do freely, and this is all I want to do.

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