DAY 64 | Your sequence


All you need to see is the basic order of the steps you have to take toward your various goals.

Early last year, I got high and wrote:

“I know my priorities now.

“I know what I need to get done before I finish this story, and what has to happen after that.

“Being aware of your sequence as you prepare to share your experience forces you to focus on only where you’re going next from where you are right now.

“That’s all you ever have to see.

“When you’re aware of your sequence, you start to receive ideas and information differently.

“It’s like seeing your life as a parallax backdrop with many different layers.

“New projects and ideas drop at various distances and speeds, all coordinated in their natural order.

“When a decision turns out to have been wrong, your sequence keeps the big picture (maturity, control, maximized potential…) in view, giving you far more helpful insight than just: ‘Go find a more attractive plan than the one you just failed.”’

As my years of weed addiction finally wound to a close, I knew exactly who and what I wanted to be.

I could no longer ignore all the important next steps I’d have to take.

I knew better than to try to predict up front exactly how each goal would have to play out.

Instead of plotting out timeframes for specific activities, I resolved to simply stay aware of which steps toward which goals would have to be taken before which others.

If I didn’t see where a step fell in my sequence, I’d set that step aside until I did.

These are just a few practical guidelines for you as you begin managing yourself.

Knowing your sequence makes living the life you want literally less than one step away.

Tomorrow: an overview.

The next day: walking away from addiction as a new person.

The four days after that: the final lessons I had to learn before I reached a state of sustainable balance and control.

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