DAY 42 | What do “I” do? #9 (the value of experience)


On DAY 26, I shared a string of forgotten journal entries recorded while high back in September, 2012.

About a month after writing those journal entries, I flew across the world to attend a festival hosted by my best friend.

I’ll share more about that party somewhere else; for now I’ll just say this: I felt like the experience was so good it would be worth giving anything to have again—worth working, chasing dreams, controlling addiction, and taking whatever other steps I’d have to take.

It was the most fun I could ever imagine having.

I immediately started writing for four hours every day.

I made plans to get high only ten times the next year, in 2013.

I was absolutely committed to making my newfound dream of attending more of my friend’s events a reality.

The things you find most fun can be some of your greatest motivations.

Yesterday we looked at how fun accomplishing your dreams can be.

Today we’re considering experiences worth accomplishing your dreams for.

When I was sixteen, I’d wake up at five every morning and read this list of “ten truths” that had to do with a particular martial art I was studying.

I had the list memorized before long, which was good because it meant I could remember everything I was supposed to be focused on in training.

But I was only able to force myself to stick with that training schedule for about a month.

When it comes to experience, I wouldn’t recommend just listing all the most fun activities you can think of in an email to yourself, and then reading that list every morning and night for motivation.

As mentioned, my plan to only get high ten times in 2013 failed quite unspectacularly; and that was right after my friend’s incredible party when my motivation to have more of those experiences was at its peak.

Discovering and harnessing the value of experience is not about lists and plans.

You naturally start to identify and move toward the types of places, people, and activities you most enjoy when you incorporate that search as part of the journey you go public with in order to face your current state and live up to your potential.

Both developing your unique art form and working toward what you find most fun are different ways of making the most of the time you have in this life.

What could be more valuable than that?

Tomorrow: my Psychedelic Training Program (enjoy).

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