DAY 39 | What do “I” do? #6 (talents’ calling)


Seeing your values enough empowers you with enough passion to live by them.

Today I want to share why some of your most powerful values are the natural talents you were born with.

I’ve mentioned how addictions can hinder you from discovering and developing your talents.

Well, the latent potential of talent is actually something you can summon and harness from any state (regardless of how limited) to spur fascinating, unprecedented growth.

Here’s more of the high thought I began to share yesterday:

“Each part of your life affects many others, and each part affects the whole.

“What can bring each part together immediately to create a driving force for the whole are your talents.

“Your talents express the unique way you think and see the world.

“They reveal how and where you can excel, forming the core or blueprint of your potential.

“Your talents are the base around which all your other values rest and function.

“If you’re not sure what your talents are, I’d encourage you to look in places where things you find yourself consistently passionate about intersect with pursuits and activities you find yourself naturally able to make progress in.

“You don’t have to try that hard in some areas to see vast improvement.

“In others, huge amounts of time and effort yield only minimal results.

“Be honest.

“Be willing to see.

“Since your talents exist where what you care about meets what you’re good at, I believe ideally you should work at making your talents the basis of your career.

“Everyone has talents.

“The way all of your various talents function together forms what I call your individual art form.

“A natural ability to do something you’re passionate about is something you don’t ask for or fully understand; but it’s something you can see working in your life regardless of your state.

“Without trying to fight your addictions or limitations directly, stepping into the current of your art form is like being gripped and pulled upward by the very essence or DNA of the person you want to be.

“You might have many more important reasons for wanting to face your limitations and control your addictions, but seeing yourself reach your potential is one of the most fun experiences you can have.

“That makes it one of the most worthwhile and valuable to you—whether the goal is controlling weed addiction to be better at connecting and communicating thoughts, controlling anger to be better at managing a project, losing weight to be better at leading a tour group, or whatever other specific combination of competing forces best describes the direction you want to go and why.

“Today information and communication systems grow like vines across the globe.

“As each gains further ground and freedom, it becomes ever easier to find those like you with similar talents—those who think and see the world in similar ways, and those who are hindered from reaching similar potential by similar addictions and limitations.

“Connecting with those of like talent and passion creates a rippling effect.

“Someone might see a video you create, or read a line you tweet, and experience illumination that confirms and encourages the direction they want to go in life.

“That’s when the same good thing, goal, or value (though always uniquely packaged) can flash itself more to life through another, then another, and so on…

“I believe maturity can only be developed through overcoming obstacles.

“You can’t become mature without first facing specific limitations that reveal exactly how and why you need to grow.

“Your current limitations are the source of your addictions and compulsions.

“You worry too much.

“You get angry.

“You get offended.

“You abuse drugs.

“You feel unable to do what you believe you should.

“When a value that literally encapsulates your potential reaches down and begins to create something real in the world through you, the person you see yourself becoming is simply too appealing to resist.

“That’s when you find passion enough to grow and face each limitation in turn with the power of your values calling you ever onward.

“Maturity in humans happens just like growth in plants or other systems.

“It takes time.

“We progress seasonally.

“Call it survival of the fittest, but with a twist: Our shared experience brings the fittest—our values—out of ourselves, as the rest—our immaturities and limitations—die off.

“I hope the fact that we all have weaknesses, limitations, and immaturities humbles each of us enough to show others the same undeserved kindness we experience as we see values we know we don’t deserve bringing themselves more into being through our lives.

“Maybe realizing we’re all only human can make us more empathetic and compassionate.

“If love and compassion could be the natural outworking of going public…”

I don’t think I need to finish that thought.

You can see my heart in this.

I want to help as many people as I can.

There’s so much more I’d like to share today, but I’ll leave it there for now.

Have you discovered and begun to live out your art form?

I’d love to hear your story.

Let’s go public and face our limitations and addictions.

Let’s grow together.

Tomorrow: why not to worry if you can’t narrow down exactly which talents reveal your potential.

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