DAY 3 | Less is more


I love hanging out at guitar stores.

I might spend hours jumping between all the acoustic basses and wooden six-strings.

Unbridled musical toy shopping can actually be an easy way for me to get myself in trouble.

I was surprised one day to find a good-looking nylon-string guitar online for only about $20.

I ordered it, not expecting much.

Truthfully, I’ve never found an instrument that sounds as beautiful or peaceful to me.

It’s also my most comfortable to play.

How does my love for guitars relate to controlling addiction?

Well, we’ll come back to the massive financial costs of an addiction like mine later.

For now, another story…

About two years ago, I somehow managed to make it through a few days without any weed.

Then I discovered some shake I must have left (or hidden) in my car.

Shake is just the thin, sparse leaves and stems from marijuana plants.

It’s not as potent as the buds people usually use.

Since I hadn’t smoked in a few days, I was blown away by how high I got from just that little bit of shake.

It was the same magical feeling I mentioned yesterday.

I wrote this about the experience (while still high):

“My best time with weed could really be like my best guitar: simple and cheap.

“It just seems like less can definitely be more—like what you’re compelled to do can be so much more beneficial if you wait for the right time for it.

“It reminds me of that MGMT song.”

I was talking about the MGMT song, Kids, where the chorus goes: “Control yourself; take only what you need from it.”

I don’t know what Kids is really about, but that line sure stuck with me.

I like the idea of having self-control so I can get more out of whatever I enjoy or use.

Even the Bible says, “One who is full despises honey, but to one who is hungry, even bitter food tastes sweet.”

Are certain experiences better or more special when you can have them less often?

Tomorrow: a “darker” weed experience.

P.S. After writing today’s chapter, I promptly got high and wrote:

“Well, weed isn’t ‘bitter’ like the food in that Bible quote…

“Oh well.”

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