Afterword | Who am I now?

I came into the time of this story frustrated by a life of temporary substitutes for my values and potential.

I now know who I am and what I hope to bring the world.


I want you to know yourself and the value(s) you could bring as well.

The world needs your perspective and talents—your art form.

These days, anyone can say anything to everyone basically for free.

As the world catches up to itself, the way we understand art, business, intellectual property, etc. continues to change.

Middlemen still only hold all the resources because most people haven’t yet come to realize how unnecessary those middlemen are . . . or how amazing it would be if everyone were to use what’s already available to bring to the table what only each individual can.

It’s okay it takes time for societies to change, just like it takes time for each of us to grow and develop a new perspective.

Both take as long as they take.

In my story, Stripped and Sold for Parts, I dig way down deep (as close to the core as I can get) into themes like the power of individualism, bringing your unique value, real connection, and the forces behind facing addiction and finding your true self.

I view Stripped and Sold for Parts as a spiritual memoir about seeing possibility and finding hope in a changing world.

Stripped and Sold for Parts - Book Cover

My name is A.K. Finn, and my art form is to share optimistic, realistic stories.

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So please help me give my work away to everyone.

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How can I help you face addictions, go public with your experience, develop your art form, or become the best version of yourself?


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