Is science driven by doubt?

No, I see potential or possibility as the engine that drives science forward; for scientific hypotheses come as intuitions, and not as the end result of any conscious undertakings.

Intuitions are unconscious. They serve to reveal yet-unacknowledged possibilities like connections between seemingly disparate worlds.

But the scientific method used to rigorously test those intuitions (hypotheses) is certainly driven by doubt and objectivity.

Am I selfish for not communicating with others?

Everyone now has instant access to anyone all the time.

But attention is the new currency. Laser-focused, we’re highly intentional about what we’ll give our attention to.

My best friend could send me an article or video she absolutely loves; but I probably wouldn’t get to it unless it was something I too found interesting or valuable. Continue reading

Is the past always better than the present?

We love to reminisce about the good old days . . . when kids had to show and earn respect; when we spent all day outside and then gathered around tables for dinner; when our thoughts, words, and attention spans were so much looser and simpler.

Cities seemed cleaner and friendlier. Cultures still carried their own special magic.

But do we forget the closeted double-lives we led, or the casually accepted bigotry we held toward anyone outside our group(s)? Continue reading

Why do so many people think that socialism is bad?

Many see socialism as unfair because the value individuals provide goes unrewarded. Those that work hard, solve big problems, and apply their knowledge and talents don’t receive any more or less in compensation than anyone else.

On the other hand, many see free capitalism and other libertarian systems as dangerous due to potential greed and selfish tendencies of those who can gain power.

It’s a problem when the shortcomings of each ideal can be so easily spun out of proportion by competing corporations (businesses, governments, media entities, interest groups, etc.), all fighting for influence and resources. This creates a false one-or-the-other dynamic that can only be limiting, unbalanced, immature, and unhelpful. Continue reading