Is science driven by doubt?

No, I see potential or possibility as the engine that drives science forward; for scientific hypotheses come as intuitions, and not as the end result of any conscious undertakings.

Intuitions are unconscious. They serve to reveal yet-unacknowledged possibilities like connections between seemingly disparate worlds.

But the scientific method used to rigorously test those intuitions (hypotheses) is certainly driven by doubt and objectivity.

What is the most evidence that God really exists?

Existence itself is evidence.

Or, maybe I could say: Existence existing is the evidence.

Regardless of what we can know about existence, we know for sure that something must exist.

Could this question not exist?

And something must account for whatever exists (whether or not we can know anything about it).

Either existence came from something, came from nothing, is really a dream, is really a computer simulation… These are all accountings.

Perhaps when we look at existence from our human perspective and scope, we account for it all with a thinking, creative Being.

Is that accounting necessary?

Let’s call whatever actually accounts for existence “God.” Must God be a person?

How can I stop being in a state of constant existential crisis?

Here’s my video response below:

Yes, everything we do and build will ultimately come to nothing. But our lives seem to mirror so many other forms of existence on every different scale or scope. Galaxies and particles reflect evolving lifeforms . . . and even our concepts and values. Seeing such connections makes me feel like the fact that this is all happening for whatever reason (and I get to be part of it) is utterly amazing. It motivates me to keep going. Continue reading

Why do we have different perspectives?

Here are two related reasons why we have different perspectives, each depending on the definition.


We all live in the same world, which we experience through our same five senses.

We’re all exposed to the same facts.

Something else that’s common to all human beings: We’re told throughout our lives everyone’s current best guesses as to why the world, what our senses reveal, and the facts we know are as they are. These explanations come to us from and through other people just like us . . . people who are born, live, experience, and are also taught current best guesses as to why before they die. Continue reading