When you don’t want your current life, but feel you don’t have the plans or means to change it

Realizing that you don’t want your current (old) life is enough. Set that change in your perspective free, and it charts a course you could never plan for (though the right plans construct themselves as you go) to a life you already have the means to step out into and experience now.

I recommend finding a way that works for you to naturally come to life somewhere online. Do so consistently over time, and you gradually connect with all the right people who want the same things you do.

Keep going, and the new life you want gets clearer and clearer until one day you find yourself already living and enjoying it.

How can I make myself a better, more positive, and confident person?

Overall, people really aren’t that complicated. We move toward what we tend to focus on.

That same basic premise gets articulated many ways. Listen to Earl Nightingale’s powerful speeches from the ‘50s, read The Secret, follow the Faith movement in Christianity, or examine anything under the Law-of-Attraction umbrella. Continue reading

What are the top regrets a 40-year-old will have? What would they wish they had done in the last 5-10 years?

First, it’s never too late to live a happy, fulfilled life—a life lived in line with your values.

Unlearned sixty-somethings pioneer successful startups; and fledgling podcaster grandpas learn to shine with no experience or knowhow.

But how much more value could be built and brought if your time of tapping in, honing, and delivering began sooner? Continue reading

How can people live a happy life?

values-that-make-for-a-happy-lifeIt really comes down to values. A happy life is a life you see matching your values.

Writer Ayn Rand puts it this way: “Happiness is that state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of one’s values.”

I find the term “values” here beautifully ambiguous, since almost every definition could apply to happiness. Continue reading