What are you bad at?

font-squareThe unclear dividing line for me is between things I have no natural ability for and things I’m afraid to just step up and try.

I’m not practical by nature, that’s for sure. I have no sense of territory, organization, or how to work a room or situation to my favor.

I’ll walk unaware past signs of obvious danger, my head tucked hopelessly up in the clouds . . . probably considering some unusual idea for a story I might be working on. Continue reading

What is the essence of sales?

When I was 20, I worked in this horrible little closet turned toner vat, basically breathing ink dust all day while recycling old printer cartridges.

I was thrilled when my boss had the brilliant idea to send me out with a stack of cash to go buy used cartridges from businesses nearby.

I hit the streets flashing massive grins, shaking slews of hands, and trying to amplify my voice and pitches to a superhuman level of charm. This went on for weeks. Continue reading

What is your motivation to get out of the bed every morning?

Let’s say I woke up this morning and somehow knew that all my goals would be instantly achieved if I could just get to my chair and turn on the computer.

That would mean the potential value I hope to bring the world would be brought, received, and undeniably impactful; it would mean all my relationships would be strong and deep; it would mean I’d no longer face even the compulsion to get angry, to eat badly, to sleep little, to drink too much, or . . . to go get high.

What an incredible motivation that would be! Continue reading

Why is it so hard to talk?

Let’s consider two possible reasons why saying what’s on your mind can be so difficult. Thankfully the solution to both is the same.

Overabundance of Perspective

Masses love soundbites and bullet points; but truths are hardly independent.

The more you understand, the more connections you see between, behind, and beneath each point you hope to make. Continue reading