Sex Addiction

I spent most nights in 2014 desperately scrounging the web for conversations and information on addiction and self-improvement.

Back then, I felt like I was watching life slip through my fingers.

Yet in my frantic, haphazard quest, I was amazed to come across such a disproportionately large amount of questions and discussions about sex addiction.

I’d be pacing through cartoon Yahoo! Answers avatars, scanning Q&A topics on searches for “addiction” that might read: sex . . . sex . . . marijuana . . . sex . . . meth . . . sex . . . masturbation . . . sex . . . porn . . . cocaine . . . sex… Continue reading

When You Can’t Keep Ignoring (Addiction and Maturity)

At fourteen, I got to visit Australia with my best friend and his family. For some reason, he and I decided it would be fun to use that trip to go on a stealing spree.

We began at the airport before we even left, swiping books and candy from little souvenir shops.

Every day of the trip, we’d walk to this nearby video store and fill our jackets with tapes and goodies. We must have looked so conspicuous; I mean, it was way too hot to be wearing those massive, heavy jackets. Besides, we were each over six feet tall, and the lifted contents puffed out our jackets so far we walked away nearly spherical.

At malls, we’d hit bookstores back and forth, one standing guard while the other shoved books in his pants and ran out. Continue reading

Chased by Dragons (Addiction and Identity)

chased-by-dragons-addiction-and-identityThe term “Chasing the Dragon” is used in different ways. It might have originally referred to smoking opium from tinfoil where the smoke and substance move (resembling a dragon) as the user “chases” to inhale.

Years ago, my friend’s girlfriend and I would talk all the time about our sordid histories with addiction. She’d actually moved to the town where we were living to escape a life of selling her body for pills. I enjoyed our deep conversations, which tended to take place after a few easy hits of weed (plus drawing pictures, and eating whatever we found in my friend’s kitchen). Continue reading

Now a Legitimate Responsibility


In recent decades, marijuana has been prescribed for medicinal purposes in state after state here in the U.S.

Recreational use has now been made legal in several states, and I see no reason for this trend not to continue.

I’m not really writing to comment on state (or federal) marijuana laws, just to say it seems as though weed is generally gaining legitimacy in society, overall.

Weed seems to be something we’re ready to believe we can trust ourselves with.

So, regardless of the real consequences of improper or immature use, I don’t think it’s helpful or consistent (honest) these days to simply label weed as bad and destructive—an evil to flee from at all costs lest we be hopelessly corrupted. Such a view seems too simplistic (ignorant) now when weighed against our current collective conscience. Continue reading

Facing Shame

Facing ShameIn my Facing Addiction story, I delve deep into my own personal experience. My hope is to connect with and empower others who might feel held back in similar ways.

Today I’ll be taking a different tact, sharing mostly from “the literature” about how to break free from the root pains and shame lurking at the core of entrenched addictions and other limiting behaviors.

Guilt and Shame

First, it’s important to understand that guilt and shame are not the same. Continue reading