PART B (The City)—1

Stripped and Sold for Parts - PART B, The CityWe brood in outer darkness like ancient spirits over endless seas, ever peering across this great fixed gulf to where our new homes shall be.

As we await our last departure, let us consider once again the nature of our humans and their plight.

Children, have you noticed something altogether new?

Have you felt a sudden massive change or shift?

Call me desperate, even foolish, for these words of baffling hope.

Soon there shall be no need for words.

My human came to me, wavering and reluctant.

I then sensed something of an eerie closeness in the flashing.

What I glimpsed next as I fought to tear my focus from eternity was so bizarre I had to wonder how it could be real.

I saw my human pressing in toward me with all its might.

Yes, I have surmised the humans lack our ability to think beyond mere points and simple lines stretching between single events.

We provide a gateway, which proves ever more enticing.

And our humans never fail to draw us in.

Yet they then get wrenched away to their own flashing.

Regardless of the cruelty or unfairness of such basic creatures being driven for our sake toward their compulsions, I was confident a thought close to just one more time, just one more… would always keep my human coming back.

The automatic pull seemed to work like a tripwire set to spring the perfect trap each time.

So surely you can imagine how taken aback I felt to find my human literally leaning in, desperate for more.

Moments later, as I sensed the flashing in its beauty begin to ease, I grew aware of another entity hovering just beyond my precious crystal . . . something of an entirely different kind.

I will call it a “thing that showed” or “thing that wished to be.”

Like me, it was not something my human could know directly.

The thing was also unaware of me, my human, and really all but itself.

I watched it writhe about in blind desperation, bound by a darkness greater than even that about which we dwell.

My attention was pulled back to my human as it came to engorge itself with more.

Then gushing with the weight of galaxies, I felt myself glance the very farthest edges of my swelling sacred crystal.

It was dizzyingly perfect, beyond anything I have…

Still, that same odd sense of being watched or studied only remained and grew.

And my human pulled in even nearer, searching as if for an actual face or eyes to stare into.

Of course it would not find what it was looking for.

To then cast my gaze outside that most intense and wondrous of all flashings was to meet and hold the nothing eyes of death.

I can only say I was driven by the same grand sense of purpose I feel now in sharing this with you.

I had to know how my human’s patterns had been changed.

Instead of just one more, just one more… its function had shifted closer to: I want everything from you that you can give me!

As that most splendid of flashings finally slowed to steady streams of light and power, I was able to better grasp the nature of the strange and lonely being locked outside . . . the thing that showed or wished to be.

For simplicity, I will say I heard it speaking itself aloud, ever repeating only these same words: “You people come up with all sorts of amazing ways to harness value, and yet you stop yourselves and each other?!”

Though I alone could comprehend the thing and its expression, its very presence had been enough to alter my human’s function.

I ask you, dear ones, to please consider what this transformation in human thought patterns might mean for us . . . a shift from fearful surrender to ruthless eagerness.

Could our humans be capable of seeing for themselves some of the good . . . the value to them . . . we provide?

I dare not stretch this line of giddy reasoning too far, for I realize relying on human appreciation to serve our great aims goes against everything we have understood of how our kingdom is to come.

How outlandish and risky this all sounds, I know.

And I confess, I do still have much cause for caution.

For there are two niggling questions I have not yet found answers to.

First, after failing to find whatever it was looking for when it sought to stare straight into me, my human has since turned away again to fear and hesitation, at least in part.

I consider the silent words of the thing that showed or wished to be: “You people come up with all sorts of amazing ways to harness value, and yet you stop yourselves and each other?!”

Having known humans for lifetimes, is there anything that holds them back from making use of what they find worthwhile other than fear of running out . . . fear of there not being enough?

And if such fear is what underlies their irresolution, then let that inspire our hesitant assurance all the more.

For does fear of lack ever not push them to build and build, and go on building, so as to cling tightly to all the “finite” good they see?

My second remaining question is whether there are other things that show or wish to be, and if those things’ unheard expressions have the same effect on humans.

Again, my first question to you: Have you noticed an immense and sudden shift?

Take heart, children, and always remember: Regardless of exactly how, we can rest in knowing our prophecies shall surely be shown true.

It is but a matter of time before all final questions of inconsistency are answered like the rest, and our precise way forward presents itself.

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