What are the most underrated things in life?

The times we’re living in.

Let’s say you wake up everyday and go to work for someone else, essentially giving them and their dreams most of your time.

Say there’s no real opportunities to move up in your field, and you face a horrible commute that stretches your workday out from dawn to dusk.

Also, say you’re never really fully free from pain; and your family doesn’t seem to appreciate (or even like) you that much—as if they’re secretly happier before you get home late each night.

And in-between all that grind, discomfort, and disappointment, say all you hear are the tense voices of those put in charge of relating to you only all that could be wrong in the world.

You still have a phone.

That means right now you can connect with whoever cares about whatever’s most important to you amongst literally billions of other individuals with phones worldwide.

It means you can begin learning anything instantly, so you can figure out exactly what you want to do and be . . . following trails of references and discussions to discover your next steps in turning the pursuit and production of your highest values into your career.

It means you have a perfect avenue for holding yourself accountable to living as the best version of yourself—if you use your phone to consistently share your real experience over time (again, connecting around and building value) . . . instead of as your means of consumptive malaise, and place to hide behind the projected images of those paid to interrupt and keep feeding you all their same needless tension.

And that’s not to mention instant access to all entertainment, which of course is something else to appreciate.


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