Once you have a spiritual awakening. Will you ever be your normal self ever again?

Imagine seeing your true potential.

You catch a vision of yourself rising above every limitation and weakness.

You witness yourself set free to take those steps you’ve been putting off or second-guessing.

You see it all as clear as anything . . . whatever details or aspects you choose to focus on.

But the whole time, you have this deep sense the vision can’t last forever.

In fact, you know right when it’s about to fade.

And moments later, as if lowered back down into a vat of your own hardwired conceptual and narrative knots, you’re left questioning every detail of how, when, where, and with whom you could accomplish or become what you just saw.

With so many possibilities, each tied to different potential futures, a lifetime’s worth of experience has taught you there’s no way to make sense of or predict every part.

So the feeling of staying stuck frantically comparing and considering isn’t new, but certainly has a more painful tint or shade now, post vision.

With only time and no clear path stretching out before you, you begin to consider again some of those limiting activities you’d seen yourself set free from.

Even while remembering exactly what it was like to behold a future unburdened by shame, dark secrets, and depletion, you watch yourself make mental compromises soon to be acted out . . . first a little, then a lot.

After all, how much time and energy have you invested in being who and what you’ve been, making the idea of really changing seem a daunting, endless struggle?

Enlightenment can come in moments or over seasons.

Go so far in, and you emerge back out the other side, awakened by the true depth of utter simplicity (of just the way things are).

Pieces of your vision might gnaw at you at 3am, all but forcing you—once you recognize it—to wrench yourself from bed and capture its echoes lest they be lost.

But every awakening must then contend with all it stands opposed to.

You never really forget what you see as possible, even once you start to slip and push so desperately both to cling and cover up the weight of limitless potential.

And more light always comes.


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