Is the INFJ particularly “intense”?

I think at the core of the INFJ you find a peaceful stillness.

But the intensity comes when that clear inner world of potential gets ruffled by outside realities that must be contended with before peaceful visions can ever become experiential.

In that way, the INFJ perspective is like a bubble of calm fixed air rising amidst turbulent waters.

The INFJ looks right through you, seeing beyond all games and pretense to a life that could be possible if you’d only admit to yourself what they see.

I think Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) is a great example of this, as it’s evident in every public interaction he’s ever had.

You listen to any interview or speech he’s given, and you find 2 very different energies at work simultaneously.

On the one hand, Billy is soft-spoken and thoughtful, matching the emotional energy of whoever he’s talking to in a way that comes across as very comforting and nice.

Yet at the core of his expressions, there seems to be a frustration in knowing he’s only circling his perspective, but that it can’t really be put across as perfectly as when he dedicates seasons to producing albums that fully communicate his intuitions.

Same with Marilyn Manson (I’m not sure why I’m honing in on alt rock INFJ’s, but there you go…).

Manson could say in an interview something like, “Our society celebrates violence just like it celebrates beauty.” But saying that falls far short of what he can produce as an INFJ artist to show every aspect of it.

INFJ’s are nuanced. Their viewpoints aren’t easily known or spun. They see all sides on an issue, but also why different conceptions of value need never really conflict.

Thus, they tend to feel misunderstood by any who might try to lump them into categories or make snap judgments.


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