What can I as an INFJ do to feel more appreciated and understood?

As an INFJ, the core of what you are is a subtle awareness taking place that looks deep beneath the surface to see connections revealing potential and possibility.

But don’t automatically share what you see right when it occurs to you, say in conversation.

I’m sure many INFJ’s know that feeling of blurting out a partial intuition and watching the surrounding group fall flat, as if responding via silent, “What the…?”

Your dominant trait (or function), Introverted Intuition, works to piece together every possible connection to form a singular vision that cuts to the base of how things are and why.

But before what you see can be understood, you must follow the leading of your auxiliary (back up, calling) trait or function, Extroverted Feeling, to step out from your comfort zone and connect with others, even being swept viscerally into their value appraisals until you literally feel what they find worthwhile.

Then lastly, round out your perspective with your third, tertiary trait, Introverted Thinking, by measuring those connections you feel and insights you see against pure reason.

Follow that process framed by your MBTI function stack, and your unique insights can then be made into something real and experiential . . . something others can understand and appreciate.


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