For years I’ve been working on my self-confidence, but yesterday it was destroyed, and I’m back at square one. How do I go about rebuilding myself?

If someone asked you to brainstorm a list of the most important things in your life, I’m sure you could easily fill a page with scribbled terms circled and joined into various categories and sub-categories of value.

It would take no time at all.

And despite how you feel today, nothing that happened yesterday could have completely erased the progress you’ve made throughout your life in seeing those many connected values be brought more into existence (through you).

You’re not at square one.

If you could see your whole journey objectively enough, then no voice of fear or shame (or whatever it is that tries to write you off as a failure) could convince you not to let your values lead you back in the current moment to your own obvious next steps forward.

Here’s a chapter near the end of a book about addiction that summarizes similar feelings, and how finding a way to see your own experience more and more clearly over time can give you the perspective you need to manage yourself and keep making better decisions in the moment.


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