How can one live a life of full spiritual devotion and pursuit with a family to support?

Before I came online and found this question, I was fully engulfed in feelings of resentment as I sat surrounded by my family in a room.

So many details of my day-to-day feel like distractions that hinder the life of meaning and growth I desire.

But how easy is spirituality when you’re alone with all the time in the world?

Consider that the transcendent perspective you gain from climbing your spiritual mountain only ends up being useful or meaningful to the degree that you can bring it back down and apply it in your everyday world and experience.

Seen that way, everything that distracts from spirituality can actually become a catalyst for more spirituality.

Right choices matter most when they’re most difficult to make.

That’s what prompted me just now to go against the grain of my own griping, blame-shifting, and excuse-making, and to come do this instead.


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