Who are you?

Who I am is every aspect or quality I could be identified with.

In an outward sense, who I am is everything I could be identified with in relation to other individuals and groups—my occupation, race, gender, height, etc.

In an inward sense, who I am is based on how I assess of my personality. It consists of everything I am . . . or wish I was . . . or feel I have to be.

Now, that inward assessment of an interpretation (at best) is necessarily limited. It’s easily blurred by wishful thinking or obligation.

So I find a helpful way to approach understanding myself is to look at all the values wanting to use me and my life to exist more.

I’m the sum of my values working against my limitations, compulsions, immaturities, etc. That process—values versus hindrances—is me growing and learning to live as my best self.

Here’s a book about this question: “Who are you?” I share about my identity crisis, and how my perspective on myself had to change.


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