What stops you from being the closest and authentic version of yourself?

What stops me from being my authentic self is searching for my authentic self.

I’m driven to locate, define, or prescribe some workable self model I can build my whole life around.

But the part of me that conducts that search is hopelessly limited and short-sighted. It measures every experience I’ve ever had against just its current [ever-changing] assessment, noticing only what it can make fit.

Maybe I’ll see a quality I like in someone else, or read through the results of a personality test; and then I watch myself immediately start to plan out exactly how I should become those things I now believe must represent the real me.

There is no authentic self in terms of identity.

I’m a being in a world (for whatever reason), driven by more forces then I’ll ever know or account for. Each force represents a possibility—a value pushing to exist more through me, competing with various other values against contrary, limiting forces, such as my compulsions, immaturities, and lingering drive to locate a viable (permanent) identity…

That’s me. That’s my authentic self happening, which will continue for as long as I exist.

So being my authentic self is living in the reality of that equation and how it’s playing out right now.

Being true to my authentic self is following the next steps shown by the culmination of my values, instead of hiding behind any of the many ideal-self images I could waste my life shuffling through.


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