What is the religion of those who believe in astrology?

Many religions have claimed astrology as their own.

Christianity cites verses about the heavens declaring Yahweh’s majesty. It retells astrology’s mythology in the language of its own narrative. Here’s a book by a preacher that does this.

Alan Watts spoke of astrology’s connection to Buddhism and Taoism—how since our individual selves are illusions, through astrology we can come to see our truer selves as expressions of the universe happening around “us.”

The mythology of western astrology ties directly to Greek religions.

Terms like pagan or new age are often used to describe astrology and other divination practices.

Many astrologers are atheists.

I believe astrology can serve as a helpful proxy for gaining insight and foresight. But I also believe it can be limiting, as it has to set more and more prescriptions in order to provide enough narrative for experience to be continually connected with and “made sense of.”


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