What are the 7 best tips that I should do every day to improve my life?

1. Make progress in your art form. Look in places where your evolving perspective meets your natural talents, and you’ll find values that want to use your life to exist somewhere real in the world.

The combination of those values is your unique art form.

Your art form could be something you take for granted, something you’ve given up on (maybe because it seems unrealistic), or something that feels like an impossible combination of disparate pursuits you find yourself frantically bouncing between.

Each of those perspectives is wrong, and is really just an excuse not to grow and step out into the unknown.

With the resources you have available to you today, the next steps toward your art form are obvious (if you’re honest with yourself).

2. Meditate in your activities. As you work, be aware of your level of focus. When you find your focus beginning to drift, bring it back to what you’re doing.

Meditating in your activities makes you more and more efficient.

3. Exist. As well as meditating in your activities, set some time aside each day to simply sit, exist, and be aware.

Watch your conscious mind in its ceaseless efforts to paint pictures and weave together stories.

That way you can allow yourself to detach from those concepts and just be.

4. Rest. You need sleep, and you need downtime.

Even consuming content can be quite an anxious, stressful activity.

Get in the habit of giving your mind a quiet break.

5. Eat what you want. I tried for years to conform to all sorts of perfect diets and programs, but ended up hating most of the ones I didn’t fail at right away.

At the end of the day, there are ways to work with and balance the good things you already enjoy eating.

6. Listen closely to truly understand someone else’s perspective. Like all these tips, this one might be easy to prescribe and get excited about . . . but only until the opportunity to apply it actually arises.

Hint: Pay attention to when you feel rubbed the wrong way, misunderstood, demeaned, attacked…

7. Stretch yourself. Meditating, resting well, and eating good foods you enjoy will give you everything you need to step out into the unknown as your art form reveals the next steps for your to take, to keep your focus centered where it needs to be, and to transcend conflicts by arriving at the source of where other people are coming from.


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