Is smoking weed good or bad, or is it the person who uses it that makes it good or bad?

I think weed is something you can have a good or bad relationship with.

If you see it keeping you from your values—including weed’s value to you, or values it reveals—that’s a bad relationship.

When you have a bad relationship with weed, you’re no longer enjoying or employing it for your reasons; instead you’re being depleted by how it’s employing you.

I’ve enjoyed the way weed can contribute to creativity and deeper insight. It’s like it helps me see in-between and behind my regular thoughts and experiences so I can appreciate them all a lot more.

But when I get high too much, I find myself unable to develop even the ideas weed itself shows me, or to live by the insight it illuminates.

So, good or bad, perhaps something unique about weed is how it naturally teaches you to have a better relationship with it.


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