If everyone in life coaching advises “first, change your beliefs,” what does that even mean?

Tony Robbins says only 20% of success comes from having the right method and strategy; 80% is due to mindset—to what you believe about yourself and what you’re capable of.

It’s easy and exciting to plan out a perfect life and routine. Doing so can even feel like making progress.

But it’s not.

And once your perfect plan is set to start, every reason not to stick to it surfaces and begins to gradually wear on you until you compromise . . . first a little, then a lot.

The reason is you don’t yet see yourself as the sort of person who does what your plan says you should. You see yourself as someone being forced to stick to something very difficult and unnatural.

When a life coach says “change your beliefs” they’re saying you need to change your perspective until the value of the life you want exceeds the pull of every limitation, immaturity, compulsion, addiction, or otherwise hindering force that’s in your way.

Once your perspective changes to where you simply won’t keep putting off your own values, then you’re able to make choices that align with those values in each moment instead of ever prescribing, forcing, and failing.


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