How do I motivate myself and follow the advice of others to become more motivated and successful?

There comes a point when you take in so much self-improvement content that it starts to go in one ear and out the other.

I hate that feeling when I’m reading or listening to something I know is good, and it’s like I simply can’t digest anymore no matter what I try.

Another self-help pitfall is too many motivational events where you get “broken out of yourself” by hype and excitement as you watch yourself stretching way beyond your comfort zone and believing in all new possibilities.

The more of those break-out experiences I’ve had, the less short-lived the change becomes . . . sometimes to where it doesn’t even last the whole drive home after the amazing meeting back to my everyday world.

Instead of consuming more motivating content and seeking out more life-changing experiences, keep track of every time something someone says seems to leap right out and speak into your life. Those moments of illumination confirm potential you see unconsciously but might not be letting yourself believe could actually be possible.

So then what about the part that’s up to you?

Should you try yet again via willpower to be and do that which you’ve never been successful at before?

I believe it’s more a matter of a change in perspective.

As Earl Nightingale, The Secret, and every other Law of Attraction offshoot circles back to: You’re either focused on the potential good future those moments of illumination confirm so that right now, in the moment, you’re taking your next [imperfect, unsure] steps in that direction—and in so doing growing ever more resourceful, wise, and strong in character—or you’re focused on every reason and excuse for why that which you hope for most could never really be.

And don’t fool yourself; it’s one or the other.


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