How do I get through an identity crisis that has gotten out of hand? I am a teenager, and whenever I watch TV shows, or read books I begin to notice certain character’s personalities and traits, and try to apply them to myself, so I can be liked.

I can relate. I spent my teens and 20’s cycling through identities based on attractive qualities I saw in others.

A difficult truth: You can’t ever really be someone else because you haven’t had that person’s life, experience, memories…

The part of you that seeks a simple, workable identity to build a life around functions off of only a partial perspective of a limited interpretation (at best) of what you could actually be.

As you strive to embody whatever attribute you like, all your memories and experiences get re-framed to weave a story that fits that attribute.

But before long, holding to something you’re not starts to feel like always having to flex a muscle.

That’s when you dash unconsciously to the next idea for an identity.

I broke my identity crisis cycle by coming to see and appreciate my own values more and more until those values eventually became more worthwhile to me than whatever might keep me from them.

An encouraging truth: There’s something unique about you no one else will ever be able to duplicate . . . even as you hone in on your values and begin to bring them to life as qualities others might feel compelled to imbibe.

There’s potential good only you can see and bring about.

There are lives only you can reach and touch . . . and only by owning every aspect of exactly what you are—by living in real time as the very best version of your true individual self.

No one can like or respect someone who’s fake anyway, at least not for long.

But leaning to be true to what you really are also happens to connect you with all the right people who need exactly what you alone can bring.


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