How do I become certain and confident in myself?

If you had to be honest with yourself right now, what’s the one thing your instincts, intuitions, feelings, or reasoning are trying to tell you should be your focus?

Where are you afraid to step out, connect, buckle down, or press forward?

You don’t have to know everything about why you’re driven to whatever it is, or what exactly is holding you back. In fact, gathering more information is often just a safe place to hide from your own next steps toward being and becoming what you’ve never been before—steps that are obvious as soon as you let yourself see them.

If you begin to take those steps while still unconfident and uncertain, you do undoubtedly make some huge mistakes.

You even get judged, misunderstood, and written-off by some.

But as you continue to follow your instincts, intuitions, feelings, or logic, you start to see those driving forces validated—first in small ways, then in big.

You’re also learning, sharpening your skills, and getting more resourceful.

And as your path grows ever clearer while you watch yourself produce ever greater results, you gain confidence.

No, you’re never certain. But stepping out means forcing yourself to find the best ways as you go.


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