Did you fail in life, and then get success?


My job is basically getting my own projects done; and there were times, especially early on, when I’d put months (even years) into a project only to watch it go nowhere.

After charging myself up to build and keep momentum for so long, I’d hit PUBLISH or whatever, and then be met by only a blank nothing.

I would have almost wished for a negative “you suck” response instead.

When you fail, you have options.

You could sit there in the face of it and feel sorry for yourself.

But for how long?

You could run to your safety net Plan B—the backup path you feel bored even pondering, but that you know would at least bring security and a measure of progress as you yawned through decades of slowly climbing someone else’s latter.

Or you could do your best to figure out why you failed and what the next step toward success would be . . . then use exactly how you feel as motivation to launch yourself toward that step with everything you have.

As you become professional, your emotions even out. When its work time, you work; and you work as well as possible (no matter how you feel). You get better and better at preparing yourself physically and mentally to be at your best. You keep track of all opportunities, and move from one to the next as you experience mini-failures and grow ever more resourceful.

But then success doesn’t feel like being hit by an asteroid of overwhelming joy and giddiness. It’s more like smiling after taking another of 10,000 steps, and then continuing on.


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