How should I deal with fake people?

Don’t expect to change them. Fake people are rewarded in society for acting the way we’re all told we always should.

They’re celebrated for being image-adept (good actors).

It’s sad, for it means they can’t ever express their true selves, or connect with others in real ways around deeper values shared.

Fake people avoid at all costs the necessarily imperfect nuances of actual human experience and its flawed expression.

All you can do is subvert such unfortunate systems by finding a way that works for you to express your true self, life, and values over time.

I believe as more and more take the opportunities we have now to put our real selves out there, society will change. Then maybe the fake will be compelled to drop their polished masks and live true to their authentic selves.

But that’s a long game to play.

Just know you’re not alone. Many feel the way you do—even though such feelings don’t tend to surface in a world that celebrates only pretty images.

Here’s an article about subverting systems that reward the fake for being so image-adept.


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