How serious can marijuana addiction get?

I was addicted to marijuana for 5+ years.

I found one of the worst problems was how it kept me from reaching my potential in life.

The irony for me was that marijuana itself seemed to show me exactly what my potential was. It helped me see “in-between” my own thoughts in a helpful way, to where I understood exactly what was important to me and why.

But then being high all the time made it impossible to live by those very values marijuana revealed were there.

There were other problems too, like the financial burden, overall secrecy, and not being able to think as clearly or enjoy normal activities when straight.

Generally, my years of addiction were a time of feeling totally out of control. I’d be driving around in a beat up car with paraphernalia all over the floor (and broken headlights) looking for covert spots to stop and smoke . . . y’know, instead of spending time with loved ones or chasing important dreams.

I share my whole story of learning to face addiction here.

And here’s a book on how marijuana can be worth learning to use well.


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