How can a reclusive person become great?

A seed is planted alone in dark ground.

Interacting with its environment, it begins to grow and produce, pushing through obstacles to develop a strong root-system . . . and then to finally break ground as a tree.

When it breaks ground, the tree discovers it already has its own, perfect place amidst an awesome forest. It’s not too close to other trees (to where roots and branches interfere to stifle growth). Yet together all trees nearby continue to grow and produce more value than any single tree could alone.

Go deep into yourself for a season to discover, develop, and deliver the value only you can produce in the world. This process always begins alone.

There will come a time when you break ground; and in doing so, you’ll discover all the right people near enough to help you in the process (and you’ll help them), but not so near as to interrupt or hold you back.

Growing like a tree to produce is, of course, incredibly difficult. It will take everything you have as it turns you into the best version of yourself.

But the alternative: Consume alone as your life goes by in a flash.


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