Everything I do seems to fail. Even though I look on the bright side, it seems I’m no good at all. Makes me think the world would be the same if I didn’t exist. How do I get better even after trying extremely hard at everything?

A 22-year-old says, “Hey, I’ve fully tried every religion and philosophy there is. How come I can’t find Ultimate Reality or inner peace?”

Notice how on the Roadrunner cartoon the coyote only tries each costly contraption once.

Trying hard at everything could mean not giving the right things enough time and space to work.

By time, I mean consistency—consistent learning, practice, delivery…

And by space, I mean resourcefulness—keeping specifics open to modifications in terms of exactly how, where, with whom…

The world wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t exist; but who are you?

Imagine two extremes: On one side, there’s what you and everyone else would say is most obvious about your personality—just the facts about the way you are that no one who knows you would deny.

On the other side is the dream that scares you most—the thing you’d almost shudder and roll your eyes at to ever consider, as if to say, “Oh no, I’m not going back there again!”

Most often when we try different paths in life, they’re some compromise of those two extremes . . . and any such compromise could lead to an okay life (if you stay consistent and resourceful).

But I believe your true best path will fully incorporate both extremes in a way you’d never expect.

I also believe it won’t come about or play out in the traditional manner of education . . . training . . . experience . . . grunt work . . . levels of success…

So for now, just get as holistic a view as possible of whatever those two extremes for you are.

Ask yourself and others what you’ve always been good at without having to try.

Note the types of things you tend to think, care, and talk about, and learn from and communicate with others in those worlds.

As you do, your next step to take becomes clear.

And seeing that next step means you’re ready to take it, even though taking it probably feels like leaping off a ledge onto nothing.

But as you collapse out onto what proves to be the most stable (invisible) bridge imaginable, your perspective widens, and you grow.

Keep going (one next step at a time), and you find you’re becoming the best version of yourself, which plays out as success, fulfillment, purpose, and security in being exactly who and what you are.


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