What can I do when no one likes me?

A friend and I were walking back to my house once after school.

Some kids started harassing my friend, laughing at him, and just trying to get a rise.

My friend turned to me and asked, “Why don’t people like me?” But there was no emotion in his voice. His tone was quizzical and curious. He wasn’t upset, but genuinely interested.

That friend was a very unique individual, and he knew exactly who he was.

The more outward-focused insecure tend to lash out at the unique because it’s a safe bet—abnormalities are obvious enough to make for easy targets; and there are more normal people, so more will likely join in the lashing out.

But what if you’re not being ridiculed or written off by the cowardly? What if certain aspects of your personality, looks, character, state, etc. just seem to rub people the wrong way? What can you do then?

The answer to both problems is actually the same: Know yourself; know your perspective; know what you like and want, and also what you couldn’t care less about; know how you tend to act and why.

The more that you’re yourself, the more others will be drawn to you (the right others). This isn’t immediate; and it can feel especially lonely and degrading when you’re surrounded by those who will never appreciate you.

But some never will, and that’s okay.

Play a longer game. Be weird. Be you.


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