I have nothing and am good at nothing. Should I just end it all and take my own life? Who would care?

I want to say “please don’t!” because I asked a similar question 7 years ago, and many wonderful people pleaded with me not to take my life.

Would you really be killing yourself because of what you don’t have, what you’re unable to do, and the feeling that no one would care?

What if you knew those three variables would change tomorrow?

Good at Nothing

Well, what do you care about? What do you tend to think and talk about?

When we say we’re good at nothing, most often it’s because we’re unhappy with who we really are. We wish we could be and do something other than what comes natural.

But if you lean back into who and what you are (instead of what you’ve been convinced you should be), I bet there’s a world of value hidden like a frozen bubble beneath the surface, waiting to be released.

No One Cares

Leaning into who you really are connects you (over time) with those who share and can speak to those values you’re currently hiding.

The right people exist along the road of your potential.

Have Nothing

What more do you need today than a phone and internet access?

Remember: None of us have ever done what we’ve never done before. But that’s just a silly tautology that means absolutely nothing.

Why would “never have” mean “never could”?

In the last 7 years, I’ve discovered and taken steps toward my potential. I’ve gone from being “done with life” to slowly building things I now wouldn’t erase for billions of dollars (or anything else I could have).

I’ve still got all sorts of issues, but those now drive me to connect with and help others.

All I know is my own experience, though I spend my days measuring my limited perspective against humanity’s evolving consensus to sharpen my skills and make me better and better in terms of the value I can bring.

In short, the only thing that’s really changed in these last 7 years is the story I’m telling myself about mostly the same circumstances and shortcomings . . . but, again, I wouldn’t trade that change for anything.

Your potential is worth more than just living for. In fact, it’s priceless.


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