I feel that everybody else is moving ahead in life except me. What should I do to feel better?

You’ve been sitting at a railway station, watching others come and go on trains. But you’re not really sure where you’re headed.

It doesn’t matter why everyone else seems sure. And you might never be. That’s okay.

The unbearable feeling of wasting life brings pressure just jump on any train.

The first problem: Even if you happened upon the train headed for the very best destination for you, you wouldn’t know it.

The second problem: This whole train analogy breaks down when you consider how easy it is these days to point your life in a new direction compared with getting off an actual train, returning to the station, and buying another ticket.

But that second problem isn’t really a problem at all; in fact, it can actually ease the anxiety and pressure you feel to make and keep to a decision.

So instead of reacting to pressure, hold still. Focus on your own perspective. Record it (your thoughts, intuitions, experience, passions, ideals, everything you want, and everything in the way of what you want). To do so publically can be helpful for many reasons.

Only you can figure out why you’re still at the station.

  • You might be hiding from a dream you gave up on believing in long ago.
  • You might think you’re supposed to be something you’re not.
  • You might be pouring all your time and energy into a shadow—something that’s not your true center or core.
  • You might be facing compulsions, addictions, or personal limitations keeping you from being your best self.

Again, only you can know that.

But you can get a good enough sense of which train(s) might be right for you if you’re honest enough with yourself, if you try different trains wholeheartedly, and if you keep all expectations of certainty in check.


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