How can you stop an addiction you really enjoy?

Let’s first take a few steps back…

No one gets addicted for no reason.

You might have started using or doing whatever it is for fun, for insight, for sleep, for concentration, for connection…

But then that benefit you enjoyed got the best of you, and you lost control.

You watched something you once used for your reasons take you over until it was essentially using you.

Since part of losing control to addiction is wanting but failing to stop, there had to be something you wanted to stop for—some value or benefit you saw your addiction at least potentially keeping you from.

So we’re really talking about two benefits: your reason for using or doing whatever it is in the first place, and then whatever using or doing too much could be keeping you from.

Is it ever possible to return to balance and control (instead of abstinence) after addiction, and then to navigate the cliff face—making good decisions in each moment—for the sake of both benefits at once?

I believe it is possible, and that’s the basic hypothesis of my story, Facing Addiction, which you can read for free here:

Is addiction something to run from, or something to face?


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