How can I find self-love and make myself a better, more positive, and confident person?

Overall, people really aren’t that complicated. We move toward what we tend to focus on.

That same basic premise gets articulated many ways. Listen to Earl Nightingale’s powerful speeches from the ‘50s, read The Secret, follow the Faith movement in Christianity, or examine anything under the Law-of-Attraction umbrella.

No, it’s not magic. The right focus won’t keep you from getting hit by a car. But barring unforeseen circumstances, it will take you to where you want to be in life.

You can either focus on the good things you want to experience, build, or become; or on your problems, excuses, and shortcomings.

Focusing on the good shows up as resourcefulness, consistency, and a drive to go out and build value somewhere real in the world.

Focusing on the bad manifests as negativity, stagnancy, and selfishness.

So how can you focus on the good instead of the bad?

Well, that’s the punchline: You’re born to focus on the good. It’s what’s naturally in you and driving you. It’s everything you believe is possible (deep down). It’s your innate potential. It’s what you daydream…

How could anything be more natural than a daydream?

Somewhere along the line, you learned to talk yourself out of that naturally good focus, adopting negative thought patterns (probably to justify your state).

But all you have to do is recognize those negative patterns. Whenever you see yourself focusing on or displaying those bad aspects (stewing on problems, excuses, and shortcomings, which means you’re negative, stagnant, and selfish), take a step back and see how you’re really just talking yourself out of something good.

None of us are perfect. I recently saw myself not showing the resourcefulness, consistency, and outward focus I hope to embody. But just being aware of my own limiting thought patterns was enough to solve the issue like cleaning gunk out of a filter so it can function.

Somewhere along the path of returning to your innate drive to do, be, and have what’s good, your self-concept changes. It happens when you see yourself living as the person you know intuitively and instinctively you’re capable of being—as you’re deprogrammed (by degrees) to daydream freely once again.


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