Can an addiction be reversed so that the substance can be used and enjoyed safely?

Okay, I’m honestly NOT here responding to questions to peddle my books (they’re free anyway); but your question is the EXACT premise of my book, Facing Addiction.

Yes, I think it’s possible to reverse addiction, but it depends on what you believe about yourself and your relationship to what you’ve been addicted to.

If you see addiction as a disease—an innate shortcoming forever set to mark out the impossible distance between your behavior and ideals—then no, it can’t be possible.

If you believe the pull of your addiction is but one of many voices representing various forces at work in your life, then yes.

Along with the voice of your compulsion, there are values telling you why they want to bring themselves more to life through you. There’s the value of what you’re addicted to—your reason for wanting it in the first place (you didn’t start out as an addict). There’s also the value of everything that using addictively has kept you from. These two voices tell you why you don’t want to stop using altogether, and also why you want to stop losing control and using addictively.

Do you believe you can improve your relationship with everything in your life (whatever you could be addicted to) instead of having to cut ties and run forever from all signs of temptation?

To return from addiction and successfully navigate the cliff-face of balanced/controlled use requires a deep change in perspective. But you have to believe it’s even possible first.

I can only say that I and many others can attest (at least in our case): Yes, it is.

So what do you believe about addiction? Is it something to run from, or something to face and grow through?

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