Why do I feel so left behind in life?

I’ve felt that way at times: as though I’ve wasted my best, most precious years.

I’ve watched friends and loved ones move forward in ways I can’t even understand. It’s as if they’ve all got something figured out I don’t; and I’m stuck spinning, going nowhere, getting older…

Here’s a book chapter that goes into detail about that unbearable feeling.

I hope this encourages you: I believe even your most unfruitful, motionless times can actually contribute to you eventually reaching your potential and living the life you want most.

Remember, you’re always you (and that’s a good thing!). Your individual point of view has always been developing to become what it now is, even when you haven’t seen any tangible progress.

Instead of beating yourself up, just see what’s been there since the beginning.

Especially take note of any places where your evolving perspective meets activities you find you can do well in without really having to try. It’s that combination that reveals the unique value(s) only you can bring to the world.

When considering how and where to bring your value, look for places and platforms where you can enjoy naturally coming to life more and more.

So, see where what you care about ignites what you’re good at to produce something real in a you-sized world; then you’ll find yourself moving farther and faster along in life than you’ve probably ever thought possible.



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